Virtual Class How to build a Reference



January 17, 2018, 1:00PM, EST

N.B.: Our virtual classes are in English only.

Discover OPTEL’s brand-new virtual class titled How to Build a Reference, a well‑rounded, personalized 55‑minute course entirely adapted to your business objectives, work environment, job and priority levels.


Using informative videos and commented presentations, with Q&A and quizzes sessions, OPTEL experts will teach you everything about references and the basics for building one successfully, helping you improve your production line’s efficiency. This training will teach you how to build, modify or duplicate a reference using our PharmaProof and detail the criteria needed to create a good reference, including analyzers.

Provided material: Learner’s guide


  • Defining the criteria of a good reference
  • Creating a good initial reference
  • Modifying an existing reference


Duration:  55 min
Job Level:  Operator, Supervisor, Administrator, Maintenance
Cost: $ 95