Worry-Free support Service-Level-Agreement


Discover OPTEL’s Brand-New SLA, the Perfect Service Offer to Enhance Your OPTEL Solution.

Browse through our four different SLA levels (Basic, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus), to choose your preferred assistance program. We offer priority follow-up, severity level assessments, inquiry prioritization, and more, for a constant and customized provisioning of services required on-site.

Our experts can help you solve any technical issues, quickly, in order to avoid production downtime and delays, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process. Many options are available, according to your line’s requirements, your location, the number of serialized lines on-site, etc. OPTEL’s capable technicians follow a thorough procedure to help fix the problem as quickly as possible and show you how to avoid them in the future. Let OPTEL offer you extra service, value and peace of mind!

Get outstanding support, with concrete and flexible solutions to your technical issues, quickly and easily!

  • Priority follow-up from OPTEL’s Call Center
  • 24/7 on-site tech support*
  • Experienced, dedicated technical experts
  • Response time commitment with short delays
  • Phone and email support included
  • Smart Glasses technical support**
  • Annual service fees

*Elite and Elite Plus only

**Available for Premium and Elite, included in Elite Plus.

Tailored approach to support your team

24/7 assistance

OPTEL offers thoroughly assessed 24/7 technical support, anytime, anywhere! Available through our personalized SLA offer, with optional Virtual Tech Support.

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Smart Glasses Support

A unique “See-What-I-See” augmented reality technology for quick troubleshooting.

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Dedicated resources

International call center with experienced resources acting as technical consultants, solving issues quickly.

instant support

Response time commitment with short delays

Call prioritization, personalized assistance from technical experts, for constant provisioning of services.