Our support care package Life Cycle Program

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Discover our brand-new Life Cycle Program, one of OPTEL’s care packages perfectly adapted to your short and long-term needs!


  • Turnkey care packages, tailored to your requirements
  • Get the most out of your OPTEL system, instantly
  • Pricing per site, per line – Pay for what you need
  • Certified resources, meeting your highest expectations
  • Personalized, predictive plans to maximize your OPTEL solution




Reassurance with a great low-cost price, including pre‑installation visit, personalized technical support and spare parts services.



Support when you really need it, including spare parts, discounts and yearly maintenance visits, as well as access to useful job aids on OPTEL’s collaborative platform.



The highest level of technical and spare parts support, including pre- and post-installation visits, with multiple yearly visits to ensure everything runs smoothly, with OPTEL’s experts always available to solve your issues.

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Virtual Tech Support

A unique “See-What-I-See” augmented reality technology for quick troubleshooting using Smart Glasses.

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Spare parts

Our experts will list which parts should be in inventory on your shelves in order to minimize potential downtimes.

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Pre- and Post-installation visits

The field tech in charge of installation will do a first visit on-site to familiarize himself with the client’s lines and determine the parameters required for the installation. After the installation, the field tech will go
back on-site to make sure that everything is working.

Predictive Maintenance

A predictive maintenance plan can prevent or solve problems quickly and eliminates the possibility of any unwelcomed surprises. These tasks are performed by qualified personnel, ensuring long equipment life, safe operations and optimum performance.